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3-day private non-residential addiction & trauma programme

Our non-residential addiction & trauma programme consists of a variety of different sessions/therapies aimed to impart tools for relapse prevention.
We want everyone to be heard and accepted just as they are so they can grow into the true expression of themselves.

What is our 3-day non-residential addiction & trauma programme based on?

It is a model to understand Māori health, which we think is pertinent to wellness across the board. It infers that the four sides/cornerstones of health are taha tinana (physical wellbeing), taha hinengaro (mental wellbeing), taha wairua (spiritual wellbeing), taha whānau (family wellbeing). And without all of these components, the house would fall down.

The 12 steps are internationally recognised as an effective strategy for getting sober. The steps are spiritual in nature and offer the participant a way to understand and accept their past and encourage reliance upon a higher power, of their understanding, to connect with.

The different type of counselling/therapies at Ruby Retreat is primarily based on client/person-centred approach. This therapy style encourages the client to lead the sessions, and the therapist role is to be congruent, empathetic and hold their client in unconditional positive regard. It is our hope that by creating this environment the person may feel safe and empowered and the person’s longing to be heard and understood is fulfilled. This may result in an ability to express themselves with more openness/freedom, build self-esteem, self-understanding, feel less guilt and insecurity.

Why does it work?

Participants of the 5-day addiction recovery retreat hugging


We learn that addiction is not selective and we all have trauma and use addictive strategies to cope. By participating in Ruby Retreat you will learn that we no longer need to suffer alone, and each of us has special strengths that we can offer to our whānau and in doing so we build self-worth and a sense of belonging.

Ear listening compassionate communication

We listen

Allowing everyone to be heard and cared for we hope to create a safe space for growth and self acceptance.

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By eating nutritious foods, exercising, and connecting to our body we begin to notice ways to care for ourselves as a preventative to relapse.

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Practising meditation, yoga and finding ways to connect, rather than addict, we begin to find love for ourselves and trust our inner guidance for direction and care.

Gill Hall counselling a participant


By being able to communicate our needs clearly and compassionately we begin to put up boundaries to keep ourselves safe, protecting our sobriety.

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We forgive ourselves knowing that our actions were a result of pain, delusion and trauma. We forgive others knowing that their actions were a result of pain, delusion and trauma.

Wooden pawns of the staff members of Ruby Retreat

Our team of professionals

Our professionals are experienced, empathetic and professional in their approach, allowing the participant to relax into their recovery journey.

Price for our addiction and trauma recovery programme

The investment for 2023 is NZ$1,500.

What a day may look like









Yoga & meditation


Adventure therapy

Lunch & service





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Adventure therapy session in the bush

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