Nā wai tēnei kaupapa?

Who is Ruby Retreat Addiction & Trauma for?

Ruby Retreat Addiction & Trauma is for those wanting freedom from addiction. Respecting that substance use disorders can range in severity and substance, our programme is broadly therapeutic and we think beneficial to all that may attend.

It is our understanding that most addictive patterns stem from trauma. Acknowledging this, we aim to create a safe space to uncover blocks that could impede recovery.

Some symptoms of addiction could be:

  • Using increasing amounts of a substance or stimuli over a long period of time.

  • Despite repeated attempts, they are unable to control its use.

  • Noticeable mood alteration/personality change.

  • Adverse sleep patterns.

  • Sudden weight loss.

  • Change of appearance.

  • Obsessive thinking and desire to use, despite deteriorating health, relationships, and employment due to the addiction.

  • Negative effects when recovering from its use/craving and withdrawal symptoms.

  • Needing increasing amounts of the substance to get desired effect (tolerance).

Ko tō whānau

Family involvement

We understand that addiction has a ripple effect upon families, here we can offer support for those affected by their loved one’s behaviour. If you have concerns and need direction feel free to reach out, we hope we can share some helpful suggestions/insights with you.

There may be certain times throughout our programmes where we facilitate family therapy groups. Here we invite members to come and gain insights into the nature of addiction and to share their experiences, exploring how substance use has become part of the family dynamics. Our intention of family therapy is to bring clarity to the relationships and offer ways in which to repair and reconcile if all members choose so.

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