Breathwork 23-Nelson. Introductory training for personal development & healthcare professionals.

Designed to give practical, as well as theoretical training, in the conscious use of the Breath. Breathwork is a modality for healing and personal growth as well as for the exploration of soul and spirit. The Training offers the potential for greater aliveness and well-being. It is an Introductory Training for anyone working in the Healthcare & Healing field and would be a great tool for putting in the ‘kitbag’ of options to use with clients. The Training will be an opportunity for an in-depth personal development journey too.

The 80 hours would be deemed as credits towards a full NZAB Professional Breathwork Training. The NZAB Inc is a Professional Association registered with the NHPNZ Inc.

The facilitator: Robin Woodsford

Registered professional practitioner New Zealand Association of Breathworkers Inc

Over the last 40 years, Robin’s focus has been on the breath and the energy systems related to the emotional body. He has worked internationally as a trainer and practitioner of the fine arts of human relations (psychotherapy, breathwork, family constellation). He is still learning: “The more I know, the more I realise what I don’t know”. Robin is clear on one thing:

It is only LOVE and the energy of LOVE that binds us together in the end and in the beginning.

Introductory Training Weekends

March – The Technique: 7.30pm – 10pm (Fri 10th), 10am -5pm (Sat 11th & Sun 12th)

April – The Art & Science of Breathwork: 7.30pm – 10pm (Fri 21st), 10am -5pm (Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd)

May – The Spirit of the Breath: 7.30pm – 10pm (Fri 12th), 10am -5pm (Sat 13th & Sun 14th)

June – Client Practice & Delivery to the World: 7.30pm – 10pm (Fri 9th), 10am -5pm (Sat 10th & Sun 11th)

Topics to be covered

Healing past trauma Family systems

Relationship dynamics

Energy and emotions

Creative thought and the mind 





Ancestral wounds and patterns

Cultural and gender issues


Healthy touch

Birth scripts

Abundance and scarcity

Personal laws

Working with clients

Details about this workshop

Price: $350 per weekend

Information & booking:
022 016 1171