Freeing the love in the family.

An opportunity for you to heal your family of origin, by remembering members of previous and present generations, and bringing hidden dynamics to light.

Family Constellation Workshop is based on the understanding, that a family is a system of place and energy, and where we stand in that system is important. Love is the energy that binds and holds family and this love often gets disturbed and then lost. There may be times that we behave in ways that make no sense, we have symptoms that we don’t understand, feel feelings that make our lives difficult, struggle with people we love, see the pain in our inner family, and often feel pushed along by events beyond our control. In family constellations, we can see how specific members are linked to our unconscious ways. We can unravel stuck energy and negative ties that run families’ behaviour and actions. Individuals can arrive at a place of deeper knowing and more peaceful ways of relating. Constellation work produces a deep change in the feelings and attitudes of all family members from which further healing can come. This non-intellectual therapy applies to all cultures, gently and naturally adjusting wherever it is taken. It is a powerful and deep work that reaches beyond the personality level of living and touches the soul. 

Participation as an auxiliary is also a very dynamic and healing experience and many people attend just to experience such. Each constellation usually takes 1.5 hours to unravel and process.

The facilitator: Robin Woodsford

Over the last 40 years, Robin’s focus has been on the breath and the energy systems related to the emotional body. He has worked internationally as a trainer and practitioner of the fine arts of human relations (psychotherapy, breathwork, family constellation). He is still learning: “The more I know, the more I realise what I don’t know”. Robin is clear on one thing:

It is only LOVE and the energy of LOVE that binds us together in the end and in the beginning.

Details about this workshop

Price: $300

Price for auxiliaries: $150

Dates: 17-18-19 February 2023 (Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday)

Information & booking:
027 304 6952