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We offer you wellbeing classes, workshops, retreats, and addiction and trauma recovery in Nelson NZ. Through steady, supported action you will learn to connect to your raw, authentic, beautiful self.

“Tuia i runga, tuia i raro, tuia i waho, tuia i roto, tuia te here tangata.”

“That it be woven above, as it is below, woven without, as it is within, interwoven within the threads of humanity.”

Dr Te Huirangi Waikerepuru

Ruby Retreat will support your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing, allowing deep relationships between self and whānau. Our wellness retreat in Nelson NZ is holistic by nature. Our intention is to create a safe, nurturing environment. We do this by using wrap-around therapies where you can find ways to reconnect to yourself and others, creating a set of life tools that can be used in the future to maintain wellness.

Who can benefit from our wellness retreats?

What is addiction and what role does trauma play in its manifestation?

Joyful woman facing up wanting addiction and trauma recovery in Nelson NZ

Nā wai tēnei kaupapa?

Who is Ruby Retreat for?

Ruby Retreat is for those wanting to discover and recreate well-being in their lives, and for those who seek freedom from addiction. Our programmes vary and are suitable for most families, workplaces, those that are in early recovery and those that are already on their recovery journey.

It is our belief that everyone has varying forms of strategies/habits/addictions which can range in severity and the substance itself. Our programmes are broadly therapeutic, and we think beneficial, to all that may attend.

It is our understanding that most addictive patterns stem from trauma. Acknowledging this, we aim to create a safe space to uncover blocks that could impede recovery.

“Not why the addiction but why the pain.”

Dr Gabor Maté

Ko ngā uara

Our core values

Yin and yang symbolising the inclusiveness of the therapies at Ruby Retreat


We are culturally and therapeutically diverse. Allowing the possibility of change in all areas of your life, such as nutrition, personal growth, communication, relationships, etc.

Chronometer representing the shortness of the programmes at Ruby Retreat

Short programmes

We offer you different programmes to cater for all. Our 3-day programmes are a short sharp boost to wellbeing/recovery journey.

Drop dropping into water creating a ripple effect of a holist approach to addiction recovery

Holistic approach

We provide you with a variety of therapies and tools acknowledging your need to recover physically, emotionally/mentally, spiritually and as part of a community. This is in accordance with Te whare tapa whā.

Scales that balance the affordable price of Ruby Retreat

Comparatively affordable

We keep our costs as low as possible so we can be accessible and inclusive to as many people as possible.

Certificate of the therapists

Well qualified facilitators

Our team is qualified and experienced to care for and support your recovery journey.

Two hands shaking forming a love heart


We aspire to be honest, kind and integral in all our affairs. We use clear communication and boundaries with you to keep everyone safe and respected.

Person's head with a gear in the centre


Realising that your journey is unique we tailor our programme around your specific needs.

Sun setting on the ocean in Ruby Bay, Nelson, NZ

Beautiful location

We are located in Te Mamaku/Ruby Bay, in sunny Nelson with the beach across the road and beautiful bush surrounding us.

Ko te rātaka e haere ara

Our 3-day non-residential programmes

These 3-day non-residential intensives will be a short, sharp boost to your wellness; letting go of the old so the new can come, by offering you our diverse wrap-around therapies. Here we include compassionate communication, counselling/psychotherapy, nutrition, meditation, massage, adventure therapy, breathwork, acupuncture, etc.

Red leaves in autumn
Counselling sofa with a plant a lamp

Pānga tahi & hunga

One-on-one sessions & group therapy

We offer you a wide range of therapies such as counselling, compassionate communication, art therapy, etc. Choose from our accomplished team to find the right therapy that best benefits you now, and moves forward into a new way of being.

Ngā karaehe & ngā mahi aweawe

Classes & workshops

Our workshops, regular classes and retreats, are as diverse as our many facilitators. Each class offers care and support, be-it yoga, compassionate communication, counselling/psychotherapy, nutrition, meditation, massage, adventure therapy, breath-work, acupuncture, Qi gong etc.

Discuss our 3-day addiction & trauma programme

and how it could benefit you

What our programmes offer

Compassionate communication

Practicing connection with yourself and others from the heart.

Client-centred & strength-based therapy

Positive therapy styles to build your confidence/self-esteem and self-care.


Meditation can effectively manage your overwhelming emotions.

Family constellation

We can unravel stuck energy and negative ties.

Nutritional counselling & shared food

Together we eat nutritious, wholesome foods, replenishing our bodies.


Here we offer you a respectful place to connect your body and mind.

Bodywork (massage & reiki)

Respectful body therapies to relax your nervous system and connect with your body.

Acupuncture (NADA protocol)

Applying acupuncture to enhance your healing from emotional trauma and addiction.


It promotes deep relaxation and a space to heal.

Adventure therapy

Being outside in nature whilst utilising a therapeutic framework.

Art therapy

Engaging your mind, body, and spirit in a creative process, without the need to explain/verbalise.

12 step meetings & group work

You will discover the magic of the steps together.

RR is located in Te Mamaku/Ruby Bay, Nelson, NZ

The centre is opposite the beach and is run out of a quaint, rustic cottage. The property is home to an animal sanctuary which contributes to the grounding and healing aspect of the land.

Dawn at Te Mamaku/Ruby Bay beach in Nelson NZ

What our participants experienced at Ruby Retreat

Ruby Retreat gave me hope. Hope that I had the tools to live in sobriety. Hope that there are people in the world that aren’t concerned with pretence and illusion, admission rates or numbers - that there are still people who have a genuine care for others. Beautiful people, genuine care and honesty - all focused towards health, recovery and sobriety. It felt in many ways like coming home.
What did I like about the retreat? I was in crisis. Knowing I had Ruby Retreat on the horizon gave me a ray of hope. When I got there, the quality and sincerity of the facilitators was such, I was able to achieve a state of calm for the first time in days. I have no doubt the genuine care I felt at Ruby Retreat prevented relapse for me.

J. from Nelson

I really enjoyed Gill's open approach to group therapy. I loved starting with yoga and meditation each day. Perfect location. The family constellation was out of this world! And the food was beautiful, nutritious and nourishing. I feel very grateful to have had this experience. The workshops were insightful and helpful for my healing journey of wellness.
What did I like about the retreat? Everything. It was all great. The programme has a great flow. Arohanui xox

P. from Nelson

I loved the facilitators/therapists. Great how different they all were. The food was incredible! Thank you for all the care and thoughtfulness around each person's needs. I loved the 5 pm takeaway dinners. AMAZING! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! This was an incredible experience!
What did I like about the retreat? I loved the people, care, sessions, everything! Especially the cultivation of step 1, step 2 etc and then 12 step meetings. I loved the people with different addictions, perfect location, skinny-dips, loads of sharing, laid back with time but still on schedule.

S. from Wellington

The people at RR are knowledgeable and insightful. Their tact and pace was, I felt, tailored exactly to where I was and how much I could take on at that time. This spoke to me of a genuine care for me as a person, and not of a process of rehabilitation. The range of modalities and approaches was refreshing and gave me new insights into myself in addiction. The space created by Seija and the team is one of healing. I think you can immediately feel the energy of a place, and the rooms at Ruby Retreat are filled with laughter, joy and reflection. The food at Ruby Retreat was at the same time honest, delicious and nourishing.

J. from Nelson

I never experienced a massage like it - in a good way! Thanks Nikki! Gill was a warm and excellent listener. The food was plentiful and delicious. 11/10
What did I like about the retreat? The variety of topics and facilitators, the sweets with each meal. The love the safety and support of the whole group. The combination of holistic AA, yoga and meditation to start the day.

F. from Nelson

The facilitators were amazing. So empathetic and real embodiments of what they are teaching. So impressed by all of them. So good. I experienced confrontation with obstacles that I normally avoid. Beginning to move again. Hunger for growth.
What did I like about the retreat? Opportunities for deep reflection on patterns.

J. from Nelson

The facilitators are amazing. The food is simply energising. This was a life changing experience for me.
What did I like about the retreat? The vibe. The way everything was strategically set out, the food, I can’t fault anything.

C. from Nelson

I visited Ruby Retreat last year and stayed for a blissful week of yoga, mindfulness, and reflection. My life has changed. The help I've had with my nutrition has saved my life. Seija and everyone at RR are experienced practitioners, I can't recommend enough.

S. from Auckland

Seija has had a remarkable impact on my life in a number of ways. She is a true healer. She has expansive knowledge and training across many holistic modalities. She is very intuitive, an empathetic listener, and she gets to the heart of things quickly. Her wonderful sense of humour and nurturing nature has seen me through some massive challenges. I had a number of naturopathy sessions with Seija which really supported my wellbeing in a time of need.

L. from Wellington

Seija has worked extensively with my sister, who has had some challenges with anxiety and addiction. Seija offered my sister a rehab course, which really gave her the structure and support she needed. Seija has been a remarkable mentor for my sister. Her humour, humility and deep wisdom again make her a true healer and role model. I have seen a transformation in my sister since connecting with Seija. I am so excited for other people to have this space and opportunity to be supported by Seija and her programme also.

L. from Nelson

Seija and Francesco’s genuine concern for and desire to engage with all aspects of the wellbeing of the addict offers the perfect antidote to the isolation that the using addict has often become accustomed to. They have created a space that is safe, nurturing and absolutely conducive to the kind of deep reflection that recovery can require. The happily sober life I lead today has its seeds in my time at Ruby Retreat and I am so excited for the same experience to be provided to those who also need it.

J. from Nelson

Whakapā mai

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